"The Heart that embraced the Universe"


Such a big and kind heart had our First President.  Elected by the people, devoted to the people. He served his motherland all his life with faith. He was a faithful and loving son of his people.


And today, people continue to express their boundless love and gratitude, with respect for the memory of this great personality.

In the exhibition, "The Heart that embraced the Universe" a small part of photographs and pictures devoted to Islam Karimov is represented.


These days the Memorial complex is actively working on the formation of the Museum of Islam Karimov, the opening of which will fully present the public a rich exposition of the life and various activities of the First President.

In this regard, the exhibition "The Heart that embraced the Universe" can be called as a kind of preamble to the opening of the museum.


For a short time from the day the exhibition started, it was visited by about 153 thousand visitors, including many foreign guests.

A comfortable corner, located on the territory of the former residence of “Oksaroy”, became a precious and unique place of pilgrimage for many of our compatriots. Here, everyone can honor the memory of Islam Abduganievich Karimov with deep respect.