Social life. 2003 year

7 february. there was a meeting of the governing council of the Fund for developing children’s sport chaired by the council chairman President Islam Karimov. It was attended by chairmen of provincial hokimiats and heads of related ministries and institutions.  

President Islam Karimov said that the fund is the beginning of a great movement with noble goals and that its work is very important.

He noted that children’s sport is quite different that adult sport and requires special attention. Equipment should be provided first of all in rural areas. Equipment at high schools is not appropriate.  

We all are pleased by the successes of our youth in international competitions. A successful children’s sport program will ensure future victors. Teaching of physical education in schools should be improved as well.  

6 may. In accord with the Cabinet of Ministers resolution of January 16, the Westminster International University has opened in Tashkent in cooperation with the Umid fund and the British Council, for supporting gifted youth.  

President Islam Karimov visited the university and took part in the ceremonial opening, along with Westminster University rector Dr Geoffery Copland.  

President Islam Karimov said in part: “First let me congratulate you on this memorable occasion for our country. Today we are building a new life and new society. We are cooperating fruitfully to achieve international standards of democracy and a free market economy to achieve a high standard of living. We should remember one truth proved in world practice. Earlier, it was natural resources and economic potential that was most important. Now the decisive factor is knowledge and education, the intellectual and spiritual potential of people that is most important.  

We must rely on our youth, thinking in a new way, possessing modern knowledge and experience.”  

17 may. In Khorezm province , the sports competition Umid Nihollari – 2003 for schoolchildren is taking place for the second time. There are three age groups in 12 sports for 6m children. 2600 participants are taking part in the finals.  

This is a concrete example of the special attention that Uzbekistan pays to the healthy, harmonious, spiritual and physical development of the new generation, which takes in almost half the population. The games were founded at the initiative of President Islam Karimov. 

The present games follow a decree of President Islam Karimov to set up a children’s sports fund.  

A new Center of artistic gymnastics was built in Khorezm as well as a professional college was outfitted for Olympic reserves.  

4 june. President Islam Karimov chaired a meeting of the founders’ council of the Fund for the development of children’s sport in Uzbekistan.  

President Islam Karimov noted that the basic aim of the meeting was a critical evaluation of the activity of this Fund, which was established 6 months ago.  

At the council’s previous meetings on December 29 and February 7, the aims and tasks of the fund were laid out and the local structures confirmed.  

“Some work has been accomplished in the meantime. However, given our high demands, unfortunately we see that the result so far is unsatisfactory,” said President Islam Karimov. “Each person should take part in sports and encourage his children to as well. We should raise the profile of our sporting culture,” said President Islam Karimov. “But various entertainment buildings have absolutely no sports facilities, especially billiard halls, which are replacing stores and cafeterias vital to the fulfillment of everyday needs. To live for the sake of the future of the nation – this is the sacred duty of each of us, and if we all do this, then the future of Uzbekistan will be great,” said President Islam Karimov.  

25 august. The 4th festival Sharq taronalari devoted to the music of the East officially opened in Samarkand.  

Famous musicians and composers from 40 countries, including Austria, Armenia, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Bangladesh, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Rumania, turkey, Ukraine, China, India, Iran, Estonia, Japan, South Korea, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are taking part.  

President Islam Karimov’s welcome to the participants and guests was read by Prime minister H.Karomatov.  

UNESCO general conference president Ahmad Jaloli and chairman of the jury Kim Shin Van (South Korea) noted that the authority of the festival, founded at the initiative of President Islam Karimov, grows from year to year.  

There is a competition “For the best performance of a national song” to be judged by an international jury of 11 persons.  

28 october. Taking account of the great role and significance of the Academy of sciences in the history and socio-economic life of our country, and in connection with the 60th anniversary of education day, the Cabinet of Ministers issued the resolution “On celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Academy of sciences.”  

28 november. President Islam Karimov took part in the 900th anniversary of Abdulhalik Gijduvani in Bukhara recently. He visited the mausoleum of the great thinker and the mausoleum complex of Bahauddin Nakshband and addressed those assembled.  

A people that celebrates its ancestors and their heritage will prosper forever, he said. President Karimov thanked those who worked on restoring the complex and all those who have helped restore historical monuments since independence.  

President Islam Karimov took part in the opening of the Gijduvan sports center. He met with children who take part in sports there, including kurash and gymnastics.