State and society. 2005 year

January 28. There was a joint sitting of Oliy Majlis Legislature and Senate. President Islam Karimov took part. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of national organizations, diplomats and correspondents of local and foreign media attended.

The sitting was chaired by the Speaker of the Legislature E.Halilov. After confirming the agenda, the deputies and senators considered the announcement of the Cabinet of Ministers on submitting their authority before the newly elected Oliy Majlis for confirmation. The Oliy Majlis entrusted the government to carry out its obligations to form a new government.  

President Islam Karimov spoke to the sitting of Oliy Majlis legislative chamber and Senate about the main tasks in domestic and foreign affairs, the deepening of socio-economic and socio-political reforms.  

President Islam Karimov then submitted to the Oliy Majlis the candidature of Sh.Mirzieev for consideration for the position of Prime minister. The chambers confirmed him as prime minister and issued a resolution to this effect.  

May 9. In Uzbekistan at the initiative of President Islam Karimov, May 9 was declared the Day of memory and honor.  

Its celebration during the Year of health coincides with the 60th anniversary of the victory over fascism, which increases its significance. Our citizens served in this historic victory. We will never forget the bravery of the Uzbek people who fought on the front and at home producing food for fighters and evacuees.  

Books are published about those who fought and did not return. The presidential decree awards participants and injured soldiers.  

We respect our heritage more now and respect our veterans. Those who learn the lessons of history and pay respect to those who died for us will be blessed.  

On May 9 in the Square of memory there were many visitors. Veterans of war and labor, officials, soldiers and social figures congregated.  

The golden pages of the Book of memory, with the names of citizens who died at the front, silently bear witness to the self-confident sons of the motherland.  

May 14. President Islam Karimov held a press conference for foreign and local media in connection with the events in Andijan.  

With respect to the tragic events which occurred there on May 13, President Islam Karimov noted that they were clearly an attempt to reproduce what happened in Kyrgyzstan in recent months. Events cannot be contained in one country. Sooner or later they cross boarders into neighboring countries.  

Suppressed fundamentalist groups in Andijan tried to carry out their plans formulated over a long time. They hoped that weak local and central power would allow a Kyrgyz variant. Calling on youth with poisoned ideas, they counted on achieving their goals by seizing administrative buildings, overthrowing the authorities constitutionally chosen by the people, and creating a Muslim caliphate here. They also had the hope that the local population would support their plans. But no one came out on the square or supported them.  

Among the fighters were some fr om neighboring states. Without help and financing these groups could never have prepared their sallies so carefully. We have grounds to confirm this, said President Islam Karimov.  

Everything said about the ‘tulip’ revolution in Kyrgyzstan on March 24 is nothing but an attempt to connect it with the political events in Tbilisi and Kiev. Each of those countries had its concrete circumstances. Those who try to make a parallel between events there and in Kyrgyzstan should not forget that a similar situation could be used by anyone for his selfish ends. The attempts of some countries to plant democracy in Central Asia with force can be used by a third power. This power is radical Islam.  

In Central Asia, wh ere 80% of the population are Muslims, this is convenient for extremists and so-called Islamists.  

Even after the serious losses that supporters of the caliphate have suffered as a result of anti-terrorist operations in Afghanistan, they have not lost hope and are making new attempts to obtain power in Central Asia using any means.  

These evil forces try to turn back the positive processes in Afghanistan, and to turn the constitutional order of independent states here away from the secular path of development. We have facts that confirm this. So those who wanted to see in Kyrgyz events the same rose or tulip colors should not forget about other possibilities. Radical Islamists, especially Hizb ut tahrir or the so-called Akramists in Andijan are waiting for their chance.  

The May 13 events in Andijan took 3-6 months to prepare. We have proof. Various Islamic centers took part in preparing the scenario, putting down roots in Central Asia, especially in southern Kyrgyzstan. This could not happen without foreign material help.  

There are foreign human rights organizations and ‘advanced’ democratic countries that shed tears as if Uzbekistan persecutes peaceful Muslims who wouldn’t hurt a lamb by blaming Hizb ut tahrir. They say they were defenseless, but the tragic events in Andijan revealed their beastly essence.