State and society. 2002 year

January 10. President Islam Karimov signed the decree “On awards in connection with the Day of defense of the motherland to a group of outstanding persons from the Ministries of defense, internal affairs and emergency situations, the National security service, the Committee to defend state borders, the Tax committee, Vatanparvar, and legal organs.”  

January 27. The referendum on forming a bicameral parliament and changing the presidential term from 5 to 7 years was carried out on a high organizational level. President Karimov and eligible citizens took part.

The President voted at the 648th riding in Iakkasaroy district of Tashkent.  

In an interview with local and foreign press, the President noted that such important political measures help to democratize any state and society. 

“The media informed the people about the significance of the referendum, its role in transforming the state and society,” said the president. “The practical application in our life of the matters raised in the referendum will be a worthy step in the road of further liberalization of political life. They are an important factor in improving the state administration and political system.  

“The referendum has a positive influence on the transformation of our legislative system. Questions about issuing new laws, the relationship between the legislature and executive powers are being raised. Parliament will gain new authority. By creating an upper and lower house, legislative power will be strengthened. The lower house will work constantly. This will raise the level of legislative work and improve the reform process in all spheres of life.”  

The President said that the upper house is important for the country. It will take on various tasks, said the President. In particular, the executive power will justify itself before the upper house on many questions. “I think that this house should take on some of the President’s powers. We will try to make it work like the upper house in western states,” he said.  

January 28. Uzbek airlines celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was founded in 1992 by a presidential decree and is now one of the leading airlines not only in our region but in all of Asia.  

January 30. The Central electoral commission issued the results of the referendum which took place on January 27. It noted the referendum took place on a broad democratic basis, was open and transparent, with foreign observers and international organizations, the mass media and initiative groups of citizens taking part. Everyone was able to express their will. Of 13,266,602 eligible voters, 12,113,070 took part – 91.58%.  

The commission confirmed the Protocol on the results of the referendum. Concerning the first question on the ballot “Do you agree with the proposal to elect a bicameral parliament at the next election?” 11,344.242 or 93.56% voted yes and 768,828 or 6.35% voted no.  

Concerning the second question “Do you agree with changing the constitutional period of the authority of the President from 5 to 7 years?” 11,117,841 or 91.78% voted yes and 995,229 or 8.22% voted no.  

The commission formally resolved that the referendum took place and the questions received the approval of the citizens.  

April 2. In Termez the 2500th anniversary of the city was celebrated. President Karimov came to the celebrations and was acquainted with the creative work done in the city in recent years.  

April 4. In Tashkent the 8th session 2nd convocation of the Oliy Majlis began its work. President Karimov spoke at the session, noting the great significance of the recent referendum on the future development of independent Uzbekistan.  

May 9. In accordance with the presidential decree of May 9, the Day of memory and honor was widely celebrated, in this, the Year of defense of the interests of the elderly. Memory and honor are in the first place feelings of respect for the older generation.  

On May 9 in Memorial Square there were crowds of people. Veterans of war and labor came early in the morning, followed by officials, military personnel, social figures, youth, all showing respect for the memory of our ancestors.  

President Islam Karimov laid a wreath at the sculpture of the long-suffering mother. He expressed respect for the memory of thousands of our citizens during WWII who died in the name of freedom and prosperity for the motherland.  

“The memory and honor of our ancestors are sacred concepts, inseparable from our national traditions,” President Islam Karimov told journalists. “Thus the Day of memory and honor is a national ceremony, occupying a unique place in the life of the country.” The Cabinet of Ministers issued a resolution to help WWII veterans, just one indication of the concern the government takes for the elderly.  

“Today many countries celebrate Victory day,” said President Islam Karimov. “There are military parades and other pompous ceremonies. I want to draw your attention to another question. Such military parades remind us of war. I am confident that some day a nobler ceremony will appear, a ceremony of memory, as memory is eternal. We should never forget that memory of those who have died is our duty. As long as man lives, there will be eternal memory and history.”  

June 11. President Islam Karimov signed the decree “On additional measures to stimulate the development of small and medium enterprises in Karakalpakstan Republic and Khorezm province.  

July 3. In accordance with the laws “On mass media” and “On publishing”, and in the aim of more fully meeting the demands of the people for information in conditions of democratization and liberalization of life, encouraging the wide developed of mass media and publishing, and the formation of a modern information services market, President Islam Karimov singed the decree “On improving the management of printing and information.”  

August 27. Several new buildings and other public objects have been built leading up to the Independence day, including industrial enterprises, roads, bridges and objects to raise our spirituality. President Islam Karimov visited a new bridge connecting Farhad, Nasyr, Gavhar streets. He said, "We must strive to introduce new objects quiickly, which requires new construction technology." The President also visited the museum dedicated to victims of repression at the memorial complex Shahidlar hotirasi.  

The museum is designed with traditional decor by artists from Samakrand, Kokand and Tashkent. The ceiling is covered in wooden relief.  

Reforms of the army are continuing, improving the standard of living for military personnel and creating a professional army. The construction of a new military community by Kalkon is part of this.  

President Islam Karimov said that "This military community is a good example for others. The people in defending themselves, have confidence in the future. This requires the best living conditions."  

August 29. The 9th session of Oliy Majlis second convocation opened. President Islam Karimov took part. He made a deep analysis of the basic stages in the independent development of the country, determining the priorities and principles for further deepening democratic reforms and forming the bases of a civil society. He emphasized the strengthening of Uzbekistan’s sovereignty, the political institutions and nonstate social organizations, while guaranteeing national security and social stability, and reforming the armed forces.  

October 14-15. President Islam Karimov visited Bukhara, Kashkadarya and Samarkand provinces to see the progress of reforms.  

December 16. In connection with the naming of 2003 the Year of the mahalla, in order to raise the role of the mahalla as a vital organ of self-government in administration, President Islam Karimov signed the resolution “On creating a national commission to work out and realize the program “The Year of the mahalla.”  

December 29. There was a meeting devoted to questions of organizing the work of this fund. The state adviser to the President, deputy Prime minister, chairman of the Karakalpak Jokargy Kenesa, provincial hokims and other top officials and figures attended. It was chaired by President Islam Karimov who outlined the goals of the fund, noting that Uzbekistan pays great attention to the training of the new healthy generation.  

Since independence, such soviet legacies as ecological destruction, massive poisoning of children by chemicals, in particular butefos, as well as anemia and other such illnesses have ended. However, said President Islam Karimov, we should recognize a bitter truth: the education of a healthy generation of children is one-sided, only medical. Sport is an important factor for physical and spiritual improvement. ‘A healthy body means a healthy mind.’ Sport plays a great role in improving the genetic fund of our nation, in solving social problems, raising pride, and training youth in a spirit of patriotism and other spheres. For example, today Uzbek kurash is spreading around the world. Sport plays a role in renewing our national values.