Social life. 2004 year

14 july. Letter from Kasymdjanov to President  

Dear President Islam Karimov, I read your congratulations concerning my world chess victory with great excitement. Thank you very much for your attention. It is hard to express my feeling of pride. I am very happy that I kept my word which I gave you several years ago in a letter which I wrote on the computer which you gave me.

This success is a result of much work of my teachers, as well as your care and attention. This gives me strength and energy. Therefore I ask you to consider that not only I but all Uzbekistan is the champion, and that the chess crown is for the whole Uzbek people. I was drawn to chess in the years of independence. Without independence, it is unlikely that I would have been able to take part in such a prestigious competition. I dedicate this victory to our great holiday, the 13th anniversary of the independence of Uzbekistan.  

Wishing you health and with deep thanks,  

Rustam Kasymdjanov  

Tripoli, Libya.  

10 august. The Uzbek Olympic delegation of sportsmen and trainers arrived in Athens for the 28th summer Olympic games.  

They were seen off at the Tashkent airport by government officials, relatives and the media. The ceremony was opened by the chairman of the national Olympic committee of Uzbekistan R.Kurbanov.  

President Islam Karimov sent his greetings which were read by presidential adviser Kh.Sultanov.  

It was underlined that under the leadership of President Islam Karimov the republic has paid great attention to the development of sport, and our citizens have achieved great results in the world.  

Our athletes at this Olympic games will no doubt defend the honor of their motherland with pride.  

More than 16,000 athletes in 28 sports from more than 200 countries will take part. There are 70 athletes from Uzbekistan in 15 sports.  

9 september. President Islam Karimov received the Uzbek winners at the 28th Olympic games in Athens and their trainers.  

“I am glad to congratulate you as representatives of Uzbek sports at the summer Olympics. In doing so I congratulate all our sportsmen who took part in the Olympic games in Athens. On behalf of our country I express the gratitude of our people to you and your trainers,” said President Islam Karimov.  

“My sincere gratitude to all of you for what you accomplished, for bringing honor to our flag, to Uzbek sports and the honor of Uzbekistan. I think that I do not exaggerate if I say: each time that we see on television and in the press news of sports, especially the wrestlers and boxers from Uzbekistan, each citizen feels their heart beat faster, and we feel that we are with you in your fight for victory.  

“I am sure of this and ask you to tell all your team mates that our sportsmen have done that was asked of them and have give their all in the Olympic games in Athens.  

“We know how hard your worked, the sweat, efforts, energy and courage during the past four years to mobilize yourselves so that first of all you made the Olympic team and then showed your talents and will to victory. Thank you once again,” said President Islam Karimov.  

26 december. An important event, having historical significance for our country took place with the elections to the legislative assembly of the Oliy Majlis and local Kengash.  

227 representatives from 40 countries and international organizations took part. In the 120 electoral districts and more than 8,000 polling stations, all necessary conditions were created for our more than 14m electors.  

President Islam Karimov voted in the 644th poling station. “The deepening of reforms to strengthen independence and create a free democratic civil society will continue following a step-by-step approach,” said President Islam Karimov in a talk with journalists. “Because the achievement of our high goals to create worthy conditions of life for our people demands a step-by-step approach. Forming a bicameral parliament creates new possibilities in this direction.  

“Most international observers praised the transition to a bicameral parliament as a new step on the road to democracy and progress. We hope that the deputies elected today from various political parties and initiative groups of electors will work fruitfully in the name of such high goals as preserving peace, the blossoming of the motherland and prosperity for the people.”