State and society. 2003 year

April 24. The 11th session of the Oliy Majlis 2nd convocation opened in Tashkent.  

May 10. Uzbekistan celebrated the 100th anniversary of the great writer Gafur Guliam.  

July 23. On the 12th anniversary of independence, the 5th volume of the Uzbek national encyclopedia will be published, from letters K to the start of letter M.

There are 4,000 articles consisting of 130.5 quires, 93 of text and 37 of illustrations.  

There are many social and humanitarian science articles, as well as 435 on history, archeology and ethnography, which were prepared by the country’s leading scientists. The history of Uzbekistan, Turkic peoples, and national values are highlighted.  

There are 382 articles on culture and art, such as pottery, architecture, and ceremonial songs, culture and education, libraries and library science, makoms, dance, the Makom Ensemble, miniatures and minarets. There are special articles on Muslim monuments in Uzbekistan and abroad.  

There are also 180 articles on biology, 230 on agriculture, 122 on chemistry, 216 on medicine. There are 747 color and b-w pictures and maps. More than 500 authors took part in its preparation.  

September 1. 12 year of Independens of the Republik of Uzbekistan.

October 7. President Islam Karimov met with members of the initiative group of the newly formed Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. He spoke to the gathering, noting the growing contribution of SMEs and entrepreneurs in the deepening of market reforms, the growth of production, the raising of the living standard, and the guaranteeing of stable economic development.  

At present there are 240,000 SMEs. 85,000 are farmers.  

President Islam Karimov stressed the necessity to support the formation of the new party on the basis of the Constitution and other laws.  

Thanks to independence there have been major changes. People, especially young people, are stimulated by entrepreneurship. For them the legal basis for carrying out one’s own business has been laid.