State and society. 2001 year

28 november. The Uzbek government, fully supporting the world community’s aid to the people of Afghanistan, who are suffering as a result of war and natural disaster, has expressed readiness to broaden its cooperation with the UN in this regard. The UN states that already half of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan is channeled through Uzbekistan.

Various ministries and institutions here are participating, including the Ministry of emergency situations (MES). Every day, barges carry 200-300 tons of supplies across the Amudarya to Afghanistan. The first barge left on November 14. Already 2,000 tons have been supplied. It mainly consists of food, clothing, tents, medicines and vaccines against polio. At the depot in Termez another 1,000 tons is awaiting shipment. It mostly comes fr om UNICEF, the World food program and the UNHCR.  

6 december. President Islam Karimov is taking part in the ongoing work of the 7th session 2nd convocation of the Oliy Majlis, which opened December 6. The President spoke at the session, giving a deep and comprehensive analysis of the situation in the region and the world since the tragic events in the US on September 11, especially touching on the reasons for and factors concerning international terrorism, and the relationship of Uzbekistan to the fight against this evil.  

Wiping out terrorism, a threat to the whole world, can only be accomplished by the united efforts of all peoples and states. It is one the most urgent tasks today for independent Uzbekistan and the whole world.  

The chairman of the parliamentary committee for international affairs and inter-parliamentary relations, E. Vakhidov, supporting the principled position of Uzbekistan in the present complex military-political situation in the region and world, which is reflected in the report of President Karimov, proposed that a special appeal of the Oliy Majlis to the people of Uzbekistan be issued by the parliament.  

7 december. It has become a tradition on December 7, the eve of Constitution day, to hold a ceremonial meeting at the Turkiston concert hall of outstanding political, artistic and social figures, at which President Islam Karimov speaks.  

The President said that fundamental changes are taking place in the lives of the people, and new principles are being introduced through the Constitution. Practical results of criteria noted in the fundamental law will find their reflection in the daily lives of the people and state, allowing each citizen to achieve the noble aims and tasks before him.  

Since independence, people’s happiness has become one of the main ideas of our country, continued the President. Each year is devoted to a noble cause. Behind these titles stand the interests of millions of people, the peaceful life of families, the health of women, a healthy generation, and the defense of mothers and children.  

The President announced that 2002 would be the Year of the elderly. There is a saying “In a home with old people, goodness reigns.” Where old people are given attention, there will be well being and adequacy. The Almighty protects such a home.  

In recent years, special attention has been paid to women and their health, raising their status in society, changing the spiritual life of society. Wh ere there is respect for women and mothers, peace is valued.  

The Year of the elderly foresees greater protection for them, their spiritual and social interests, respect to fathers and mothers who give use wise council to good work, and moral support in each family.