State and society. 2004 year

January 12. Thanks to radical reforms carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, including military reforms, there is now a national army. Young people are attracted to this profession.  

On the eve of Defenders’ day President Islam Karimov visited the new special center of information technology for modeling and simulating of the Uzbek armed forces.  

The center has new technology. President Islam Karimov expressed satisfaction with the conditions.

At present the center focuses on raising qualifications of officer students of the Academy of armed forces.  

“The organization of the center is pursuing long-term goals,” said President Islam Karimov. “Thus commanders of middle level should study here.”  

January 14. Defenders’ day, marking the 12th anniversary of the formation of the Uzbek armed forces, was widely celebrated in Uzbekistan.  

January 15. The Cabinet of ministers has issued a resolution making January 15 a day of mourning for those who died in the recent air accident.  

On January 13 a Yak-40 Uzbek Airlines plane, flight NU-1154 Termez-Tashkent, crashed, killing all 37 persons on board, including 5 crew.  

As a result the Cabinet of Ministers created a state commission to investigate the reasons of the catastrophe.  

The commission will look at the reasons for the accident and how to overcome the results, and will include the necessary specialists.  

The commission will organize work on removal and study of the wreckage, conducting legal-medical expertise on the bodies of the deceased and determining their identity.  

It will also guarantee the delivery of the bodies to relatives and the organizing of funerals.  

The families of the victims will receive material and other help.  

March 29. During night and in the morning, terrorist acts took place in Tashkent. In the Chorsu bazaar at the entrance of Children’s World store there was an explosion that killed 2 people. One of those killed was guarding the store; the other is not yet known. 7 people were injured. The device was homemade.  

At 9:24 am there was a further explosion near the Kukaldash mosque, also a homemade device tied to the body of the as yet unknown terrorist. 

On the eve of these events, the following events occurred. On the evening of March 28 and the next morning there were several attacks on patrol posts of militia and internal affairs personnel. Upon verification of suspects on Kushbegi street near the textile factory, the militia were further fired on, and senior lieutenant M.Turgunov was killed and captain M.Kaldybaev wounded.  

On March 29 at 5:00 am near the Tashkent tractor factory, 3 unknown persons attacked a patrol post when they were being checked. Two militia were killed.  

On the evening of March 28 at 10 pm in the village Kahramon, Romitan district, Bukhara province, in the house of a pension N.Razzakov there was an explosion which killed 9 persons. Preliminary investigations show that homemade explosive devices were being made there for terrorist acts, made of ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder and other components.  

Ties between the explosions in Tashkent and Bukhara are being determined.  

Indications are that these acts were organized on a wide scale. Much ammonium nitrate was found, as well as aluminum powder, detonators and other components in different points in Tashkent and Bukhara province.  

Toitepa resident Furkat Yusupov, who was found with a bag containing 10 homemade bombs, was arrested in Tashkent.  

As a result of the terrorist acts, several security workers and peaceful citizens were killed and wounded. The arrested suspects are being interrogated.  

President Islam Karimov gave a special interview for Uzbek TV about this:  

“I express my deep sympathy for relatives of those who died during the tragic events” said President Islam Karimov.  

Speaking of conclusions and lessons from these events, President Islam Karimov said the following:  

“The first conclusion is that these destructive events were carried out by those forces that hate our country, the peaceful life of citizens and their achievements, in their very souls.  

Their aims are to disrupt peace, destabilize the situation, sow fear and panic, disrupt faith in our policies, disrupt our good thoughts and creative work.  

Material evidence collected by competent organs include guns, explosives, religious literature of an extremist point of view, showing that the acts were well prepared over a long time. Extremist centers with big financial means are behind them.  

Reactionary forces intended to carry out these acts during Navruz. Thanks to our special attention to security during festivals, their plans were disrupted.  

But it is not difficult to note the tie between these events and those of February 1999.  

Terrorists strived then to carry out crimes in crowded places, near markets, stores and bus stops.  

April 29. The 14th session of Oliy Majlis 2nd convocation began its work. President Islam Karimov spoke.  

President Islam Karimov gave a principled political evaluation of the tragic events at the end of March this year, as a result of which innocent people died. He characterized the terrorist acts as an attempt to disturb the peace and stability in society, to turn the people from the path of secular democratic development. He made a deep analysis of the reasons for international terrorism and religious fundamentalism, their danger for the present and future of Uzbekistan. President Islam Karimov underlined that responsibility for guaranteeing security in the country lies with each citizen and called on participants in the session to strengthen the battle with these threats.  

July 30. At 20:00 the first session of the state Commission, created because of terrorist acts, took place in Tashkent. At the Commission information about facts connected with the explosions and concrete measures to investigate them was heard from the relevant services. A plan of action for investigations determining the causes and executors of the terrorist acts was presented.  

The state Сommission expressed deep sympathy to the families of those who died in the acts. Measures to help them were taken.  

The state Commission calls on the population to be on guard and help the legal organs  

December 2. In connection with the 12th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is governed by the principle of humanism, and according to article 93 point 20 of the Constitution, on December 1 President Islam Karimov signed the decree "On the amnesty on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the Constitution".