Social life. 2009 year

January 16. In Oqsaroy, President Islam Karimov chairs a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund for Children’s Sport Development of Uzbekistan. 

The Head of state notes that the Board has convened for a comprehensive review of the Fund’s activities during the past year. 

Purposeful work in this area creates potential for attracting our children to regular engagement in sports. That helps nurture a physically sound and spiritually mature generation. 

“Sports mean a healthy generation, a bright future. For only a healthy people, a fit nation is capable of great deeds”, the President put. 

February 13. Cabinet of Ministers convenes to revisit socio-economic progress in the country in 2008 and outline priorities for sustainable economic development in 2009. 

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov delivers a speech at the meeting. 

In his speech, the Head of state noted that owing to the progressive implementation of the program on socio-economic development high, sustainable and balanced economic growth and macroeconomic stability have been secured. So have longer-term mechanisms directed at comprehensive restructuring, diversification and modernization of economy, as well as raising employment and welfare. 

July 2. President of Uzbekistan visits Namangan region in order to get closely acquainted with ongoing social and economic reforms in the field of constructive improvement. President Islam Karimov meets with farmers and leaders of Namangan region. 

Expounding on the prospects of farmers’ movement, Islam Karimov asserts that farmers shape not least the economic and social, but also political life of our country. 

“Farmers should not confine themselves to growing crops of corn or cotton, - the Head of nation said. - Farmers ought to establish processing of their products and develop industry in rural areas, help improve the welfare of people. In particular, livestock farming has been a profitable trade. By developing it, processing of stock products can multiply the income. Not only will this meet the needs of national market, but also enhance export capacity”. 

August 25. President of Uzbekistan visits Surkhandarya region in order to get closely familiar with ongoing social and economic reforms and constructive work in regions. The Head of state calls at the new building of Termez State University, Hakim Termizi memorial complex, and pastures of “Asadbek Davlatov” farm in Termez district. 

August 26. President Islam Karimov attends the opening ceremony of the Seventh International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” (Melodies of the East) in the ancient and eternally young city of Samarkand. The Head of nation welcomes the contestants and guests of the artistic festival. 

August 28. President of Uzbekistan familiarizes with Uzbekistan Palace of International Forums erected in the center of Tashkent. Islam Karimov praises the architectural solution, design, illumination system of the palace. He presents crucial recommendations as to ensure the harmony of different color shades and to further beautify the land around the palace. 

August 31. President of Uzbekistan attends the festivities occasioned to the eighteenth anniversary of independence at Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan, and expressed his greetings to the people of Uzbekistan on the chief holiday. 

September 1. President Islam Karimov attends the festive meeting dedicated to the city of Tashkent’s 2,200th jubilee, hosted in "Uzbekistan" Palace of International Forums. The Head of state congratulates the ceremony participants and all the people of Uzbekistan on the holiday.  
In accordance with the Decree of President Karimov from August 20, 2009, the city of Tashkent is awarded “Mustaqillik” (Independence) Order for its outstanding contribution to the development of national statehood, building of an independent democratic state, consolidating peace and stability, promoting international cooperation and friendship between nations, maintaining the noble traditions, enriching the cultural and spiritual life, nurturing younger generation in the spirit of love for the Motherland, national and universal values, and in connection with the 2,200 anniversary. President Islam Karimov hands this magnificent award. 

October 16. In order to closely examine the ongoing socio-economic reforms, constructive efforts, large-scale transformations on the ground, President of Uzbekistan visits Ferghana region. Islam Karimov observes the new building of Fergana branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies, erected in the city of Fergana; the Head of state calls at "Sherzodbek" farm in Ohunboboyev district. President Karimov visits the town of Kokand, and scrutinizes a new farmer marketplace and Urda. Islam Karimov familiarizes with the local constructive work.