Social life. 2001 year

3 november. In Urgench on November 3, the opening ceremony for the memorial complex in honor of the 2700th anniversary of the book Avesta was held. President Islam Karimov spoke.

Avesta means Guidebook for life. Indeed, for thousands of years, it has served as a unique guide to life, calling people to nobility, good, creativity, knowledge, and the struggle with evil forces, cruelty and rudeness. It is one of the oldest books in the world, and has great significance in human history. It is valuable fr om the point of view of building a united system of moral and philosophical views, statehood, and service to man and society.  

As the President noted, it attests to the ancient roots of this region, wh ere a great state existed, a great culture and great spirituality.  

5 december. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of independence, a group of citizens has been awarded for their selfless work in different spheres, for guarding borders, the development production, for culture and spirituality.  

On the eve of Constitution day, December 5, President Islam Karimov personally awarded them medals at the presidential residence Oksarai.  

“Congratulating you with all my heart on receiving these high awards in this marvelous palace, I imagine in your faces hundreds of our citizens who are also worthy of these awards, living in near and remote cities and kishlaks, and I imagine I am embracing them, presenting them with these awards. You well know that as the head of our state, the President has many complex and responsible tasks. But giving out these awards brings me special happiness.”  

The President specially underlined that the develop of the past 10 years is a secure fundament for our great future and prosperous life.  

“Any state with great aims and vistas strives to preserve peace in the country, and create conditions for the fruitful work of people. A worthy evaluation of this work, its material and moral stimulus, has great significance,” he underlined. “If in life, such a relation to man is confirmed, if a person’s conscientious work is valued in a timely fashion, then he will not stint in the struggle to overcome all difficulties to enrich his motherland.”