Social life. 1996 year

Education. Science.

January 1. In Tashkent UNESCO held a seminar dedicated to solar water and wind power.  

January. In Tashkent the conference "Independence of Uzbekistan and Alisher Navoi" was dedicated to the 555th anniversary of Navoi.
January. In New Delhi there was a conference "Central Asia and India" including experts fr om Uzbekistan.  

March 1. President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received the first vice president of the Private investment corporation Susan Levin and the regional direct of the US agency for trade and development Daniel Stein.  

March 15. The book "Bibliography of the scientific works about Amir Temur and the Temurides" by E.Rtveladze and A.Saidov was published.  

May 2. A decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "On creating the Bank-financial academy of Uzbekistan" was issued.  

June 13. At Boston college there was a seminar on "Uzbekistan: 5 years of independence". The book "Islam Karimov - President of new Uzbekistan" was presented at Harvard university on the final day.  

June 28. In Beijing the conference "Amir Temur and his role in world history" was held.  

August 2. In Tashkent the conference "History of the Temurides - our great heritage" was held.  

September 21. The center "New history of Uzbekistan" was opened at the Academy of state building.  

September 27-29. In Samarkand the symposium dedicated to the 660th anniversary of Amir Temur was held.  

September. In Bukhara the conference "Significance of sheikh Bohouddin Nakshband: his influence on morality and politics" was held.  

November 4. In Tashkent the Bank-financial academy opened, with greetings from President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.  

December 4. The conference "Constitution of Uzbekistan and human rights" was held.  

December 20. A conference dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Abdurauf Fitrat was held at the Academy of sciences.  

December. At the Tashkent state legal institute a center to study human rights opened.  

Culture and social life  

February 9. In Tashkent the 555th anniversary of the Uzbek poet Alisher Navoi was celebrated with a conference on his heritage and an exhibition at the Navoi state library.  

April 5. A decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "On forming the arts tour firm Uzbeknavo was issued.  

April 29. A decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "On forming Uzbekkino" was issued.  

April. The publisher Shark introduced modern 3-color art production with the publication of "Epoch of the Temurides: renaissance of culture" and "Architecture of the epoch of Temur", as well as "Art of Uzbekistan" about an exhibition in Paris dedicated to Amir Temur.  

May 15. Stamps dedicated to the Aral Sea were issued jointly by Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.  

November. In Tashkent at the commodity exchange, a museum of paper money opened.  

December. In Tashkent the national encyclopedia began publishing a new edition.  

Health. Sport.  

January 17. A resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On measures on development of football" was issued.  

February 22. A resolution of the Cabinet of ministers "On creating a system of medical social insurance" was issued.  

April 17. Artur Grigorian from Tashkent became the first world champion in boxing.  

May 6-7. In Tashkent the 11th congress of diabetics of Central Asia was held.  

May. In Jizzak the fourth and final stage of the national championship in motorcyle racing was held.  

July 12. In Namangan the youth tennis tournament sponsored by the World tennis federation was held.  

August 14. A resolution of the Cabinet of ministers "On measures of state support in production of medicines" was issued.  

August 16. At the 16th Olympic games in Atlanta, Uzbekistan won two medals - a silver in judo (Armen Bagdasarov) and a bronze in boxing (Karim Tuliaganov).  

September 1. The Olympic museum opened in Tashkent. President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov spoke.  

October 5. In Shahrisabz, a marathon on roads travelled by Amir Temur attracted 50 sportsmen. It was 1300 km and finished in Amir Temur square in Tashkent.  

October. At the 32 world chess olympiad in Yerevan, Saidali Iuldashev won a gold medal and the title of international grandmaster.  

December. Uzbek tennis players took party in the 9th Asian student championship in Hongkong wh ere they won 5th prize.