Military servicemen honored the memory of Islam Karimov


The Chirchik Tank Command and Engineering High school will celebrate its 100th anniversary in this November.


The educational institution, which trains personnel officers, has a rich history and glorious traditions that have been respected for decades.


On September 12, a group of mentors and cadets visited the Memorial Complex and honored the memory of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the comfortable courtyard of the exhibition "The Heart that embraced the Universe", The spouse of Islam Karimov - Tatyana Karimova warmly welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude for the high respect for the memory of the First President of the country.


The meeting participants exchanged with memorable gifts. For example, a portrait of Islam Karimov drawn by a cadet of the academy pleased Tatyana Karimova, as well as a collection of poems by another cadet, who onсe was lucky enough to become a participant in the meeting with Islam Karimov.

The First President's spouse handed over the Memorial Gifts to honored guests, at the end of the event. The memorable medal "Islam Karimov" as well as the book-album "Islam Karimov-founder of Independent Uzbekistan" and the catalog of the exhibition "The Heart that embraced the Universe" was handed to the director of the High school museum.

When Tatyana Karimova, put on so called the “pilotka” cap (overseas cap), the guests could not conceal their joy, saying, "Now you are on our side!".


In the memory book for honorary guests, the officers left the following notes: “The Founder of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, our First President will live in our hearts.

Everlasting memory and high honor,

Let him live in the heart of the people”