Greatness deserves high awards...


A new exposition was added to the exhibition “The Heart that embraced the Universe”. Spouse of the First President of Uzbekistan Tatyana Karimova presented to the exhibition a part of the collection of high State awards of Islam Karimov given by leaders of foreign countries and international organizations.

The full collection of awards will take its worthy place in the exhibition, after the official opening of the Museum of Islam Karimov at the “Oqsaroy” residence.

In the meantime, among the orders and medals you can see such awards as the Grand Order of “Mugunghwa” of the Korean Republic, the Highest State Award of Bulgaria the “Star Planin” Order, The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, The Order of Merit (1st class) of the Poland Republic, and the Order of Civil Merit of the Spain Republic, The Order of “Vytautas the Great” of the Lithuania Republic and others. Among them, there are awards that were personally given to Tatyana Karimova as well.

Obviously, these new exhibits have generated great interest among visitors, especially among the young ones. This unique exposure presented for the first time to the attention of the public.

The hero of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov was honored with the highest state awards of our republic. Several times there were attempts of the government and parliament to nominate the First President for other awards. But being a modest person, Islam Karimov rejected all the proposals, motivating his decisions by saying that there are many other people in our country who are much worthy of awards and encouragement.

He was a generous man, who highly valued patriots, rewarded conscientious and talented people who were hardworking and faithful to motherland.

The First President of Uzbekistan personally presented state awards to heads and representatives of many foreign countries, international organizations as well.