Memory of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islom Karimov - the great son of the uzbek people


The Japanese newspaper the Japan Times has published an article under this headline devoted to the personality and work of the first head of our country Islam Karimov.

As noted in the material, having led to the independent Uzbekistan for 25 years, Islam Karimov deserved the highest authority in the country and in the international arena. He was an outstanding statesman who developed and implemented the deeply thought-out strategy of building a democratic state with an open civil society and a market economy.

The authors of the publication emphasize that the head of the republic was firmly convinced that the political independence of the country could not be achieved without achieving economic independence. "That's why he has elaborated, the program of fundamental reforms and structural changes in the economy based on the five principles that is recognized worldwide as the Uzbek model of development. The fundamental basis of this model was the practical implementation of the strategic priority - "The reforms are not for the sake of reforms, but for the sake of man," - says the article.

Informing readers about large-scale structural changes implemented in Uzbekistan, the publication noted that the country has created completely new high-tech industries, industrial facilities, a modern road transport and engineering infrastructure built unique on a global scale.

It is reported that the entry of Uzbekistan into the top five fastest growing economies in the world was the practical realization of the reforms implemented by the first President of the Republic.

The Japan Times pays special attention to organizational role of Islam Karimov in a deep reform of agriculture. On his initiative it has been implemented a radical program of transformation of village appearance, construction of houses, providing the quality and standard of living of the rural population at a level not inferior to the city which has no analogues in the world practice.

"The head of Uzbekistan, as the Supreme Commander, has conducted the fundamental reforms and provided increasing the combat power and the potential of the Armed Forces that can reliably protect the independence, territorial integrity, inviolability of its borders, peaceful life of the Uzbek people.

At the same time, he has developed and implemented the concept of foreign policy of Uzbekistan, the cornerstone of which is the love of peace, based on non-interference in the internal affairs of other states and the solution of conflicts by peaceful, political means. Head of the republic has made an enormous contribution to the preservation of peace and stability in the region and around the world", - notes the publication.

Japanese newspaper specially stops on the contribution of the leader of Uzbekistan in the development of the education sector based on modern international standards. Islam Karimov has directly supervised the work on the creation and realization of the fundamentally new system of education of the younger generation, radically changed the thinking and outlook of Uzbek youth, which is becoming the decisive force of today and tomorrow.

At the end of the material it is emphasized that the first President of Uzbekistan infinitely loved his people and all his life until the last few days was dedicated to the service of the country.

Jahon Information Agency, Tokyo